Oil and Gas Industry

Physical Fuel Trading

Our deep history begins with the trading of physical Renewable Energy. Servicing a multitude of markets North America wide in Biodiesel and Ethanol trading dates back to the beginning of the Renewable Fuel Standard and remains one of our core competencies.

RIN and LCFS Trading

As the Renewable Fuel markets evolved, the importance of trading RINs and LCFS quickly came to the forefront.  A significant presence in the trading of renewable credits is an important part of our overall success. On a daily basis, we are active in trading Biodiesel and Ethanol RINs as well as LCFS Credits.



As the growth of the industry and our operations continue, one aspect of that remains constant across the entire Altitude team is unwavering ethical conduct.  Operating in responsible, honest and morally sound manners allows us to stay true to our principles, and grow in a way that aligns with our overall integrity

Regulatory Consultation

Keeping our customers up to date with ever changing regulatory issues allow them to make informed commercial decisions with confidence. Consulting on current legislation has evolved to become another important aspect of our core competencies.

Regulatory Consultation